Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Cabin Pressure

L to R: Arthur Knapp-Shappey, Douglas Richardson (First Officer), Caroline Knapp-Shappey (Owner of MJN air and Flight Attendant), Martin Crieff (Captain - of course ;))
I cannot believe that I missed the last episode of the last series of Cabin Pressure! I intend to get Series 4 on CD as soon as it is available; It has been hilarious. :)

I've just been reading through some of the episode reviews and I came across this wonderful interview with John Finnemore. I love the fact that they have managed to keep the original cast, despite the actors becoming more and more famous. I also found it interesting to learn that Finnemore is part of the Cambridge Footlights comedy alumni. I'd really love to go to a Radio 4 recording of Cabin Pressure, although I doubt I'd get a ticket now, what with the "17,000 people applying for 200 tickets [and] People [flying in] from Japan and Thailand."

Douglas Richardson is my favourite character; his one-liners are superb.

Once you have listened to Cabin Pressure and fallen in love with it too, then consider reading John Finnemore's blog for some 'behind the scenes' details. Watch out though, it is addictive. ;)

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