Thursday, 7 March 2013

Libraries and Wilkie

Third Floor JB Morrell
Working at the York University Library (JB Morrell library) again today. There are a range of different work zones here:
  • Silent zone
    • Amongst the book cases where no noise is allowed
  • Quiet zone
    • Nearby some of the book cases but not deep amongst them (as the silent zones), where noise must be kept to a minimum. I am in a quiet work area for I fear the tap-tap-tap of me writing on my laptop would perhaps be a distraction.
  • Studious Buzz Zone
    • Meeting rooms that are apparently for groups of students work together. The rooms have flat screen TVs and points for you to connect your laptop to them so you can share it. They remind me of the types of meeting rooms that I have seen in modern business offices.
I noticed that you are able to bring hot and cold drinks in lidded containers and cold food into the library quiet zones. This was not a luxury that we were allowed when I was at University. I find it a great improvement.

Quiet Zone
I am really impressed with how modern the library is. It appears to incorporate the advances in technology with computer rooms available and power points at desks to allow for laptops to be used. It seems an easy step into the world of office working. In fact, some may be disappointed if they end up working in a more 'basic' office as it would be a step down from what they are used to here!

I have started Wilkie Collins', The Woman in White. It is a long book with notes to keep referring to so I imagine it will be a little while before I can post my review here. It has been quite engaging so far though so I am sure it will be worth the wait.

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